How about a NEW Pinto?, Sorry it was a HOAX!
Check out the Picture found while looking through news archives photos of the 97 Taurus. I'm sorry folks, It is a fake. The picture below ABSOLUTELY proves that these pictures were constructed and that Ford is NOT looking into a New Pinto. You were right Paul! We all were on edge about this one. Our entire Pinto community was thrashing this one around for some time now.

We will leave this page up as a faint reminder, We had a dream... It's gone now.

Hey Ford, You ever consider a new Pinto?

6/6/2000 ,, Thanks to Jess Neal we know that some AP writer "created" this story for "fun" ... (SEE BELOW)

Thanks Jess for finding yet another saga in this soap opera!

We found this about 1 year ago on a web site. It described that this was a concept car from Ford. 

Now this looks like a Pinto. Maybe this is the Runabout model? 

This is a 1997 Ford Tarus. This Shot Proves that the new pinto is a Hoax! Now that we all know, lets move on to better things, the Classic Pinto!

eGroup Pinto Mailing List Archives, About the NEW Pinto:

Guess what everybody......Computer generated or not it was good, but we'll never know. I took a print out of the car to are nearest Ford Lincoln dealer and showed them the pic and what was said my surprise you. They said that it didn't looked computer generated and if it was lagit it would be out in the next 2-3 years. And boy do I hope it's true, I'll be the only one in my town to own 2 the old model and new model.  (eGroup archived Response Dec 13, 1998)

My name's lion. I have a 74'pinto. its white. and in the middle of restoration. I looked at the site
regarding the new pinto. Well..... I think it sucks! Why is it, that all the major car
manufacturing companies feel they need to screw up the good old well built cars. By selling a cheap rip-off. I look at the new pinto the same way I look at the new bug. Its NOT a bug at all. If it were then they could at
least put the engine in the back! Pinto's are trade marked by the shape. One of the most out standing features on a pinto are its rear fender wells. And the shape of the door. The new one looks like a mustang more
than anything else. In my opinion ford, chevy, or another company needs to leave the classic's alone! Thank you and good night!  -Lion
(eGroup archives response Nov 29, 1998)

I do a lot of graphics work for my job, and I think that this is just a computer generated cut down of a newer Taurus. The front doors, the rear end, the rear window, the front end (modified), etc, are all off of a Taurus. The horse in the grille (which looks to be more from a Bronco than a Pinto) is an easy cut and paste. I don't think I'd get my hopes up seeing this anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, the concept is kind of neat, but they wouldn't replace their new Focus with a Pinto.... I believe I've even seen that picture of a Taurus, before the digital chop shop took over. I'll try to find it....The pictures I've included are just a reference to the '99 Taurus not the one used for this "Pinto".

Paul Cossick  12/9/99


WHO DID THIS? Does anyone know???? (See Below)

Here's a little fake PR wire I cooked up a while back: Ford Announces “New Pinto” at Auto Show BY KLHI Associated Press Writer DETROIT (AP) -

Today at the North American International Auto Show, Ford Announced that it would produce at modern version of the famed Pinto. The car, meant to capitalize on the success of the Volkswagen New Beetle, will sport modern features in exterior styled to look like the classic Pinto. Jim Sullivan, a Ford spokesman said, “We wanted to create a car that would not only lure past Pinto owners back to their favorite car, but bring a whole new generation into the family of Pinto owners.” Bill Myers, head of the ford styling unit said, “In designing this car, we wanted to capture the Pinto’s original spirit while still bringing our customers modern convenience and luxury features.” Inside, the Pinto will feature a “motor oil vase” atop of the dash-board, an eight-track/CD player, and a triple-reinforced floor to prevent leaks. It will be powered by a 25-horsepower aluminum engine with cast iron cylinders. In order to prevent leaks caused by the different expansion and contraction ratios of the two metals, a complicated and advanced system of rubber bushings will be employed. Fuel is fed to the engine from a gas tank mounted just behind the front-bumper, a new design pioneered by Ford just a few years ago. The exterior is styled to look like the original pinto. Rough edges, however, have been eliminated in this resurrection. Ford hopes this car, to released as a 2000 model in February of 1999, will attract a cult following among young people. Recently, this demographic swayed from Ford’s because of warnings from parents to “avoid Ford products:. Jim Sullivan said, “We hope to shed this image. It was created by myths that some customers have had problems with some Ford models of the past - especially the Pinto.” As a sales gimmick to attract customers to Ford’s dealers, the company will offer a free bowl of Pinto Beans to persons who enter the dealer on February 3, 1999 - the Pinto’s release date. The Pinto will compete in a crowded two-door compact class with competitors from several European, domestic, Japanese, and Korean manufacturers. Ford expects consumers to pay a premium for this automobile. Prices will start at about $15,000 for the base models and peak at about $30,000 for a special luxury version. Ralph Nader, author of “Unsafe at Any Speed”, was present at the unveiling and commented, “I’ll be d**ned”.


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